Our Story

About us

Romanov Cosmetics products were specifically developed by one of the most prominent European Skin Care laboratories to address the increasing need of a better, effective and lasting anti-aging solutions. The laboratory uses a unique approach, combining cutting-edge science (skin care and space science) and centuries old proven traditions in treating the skin. This avant-garde, anti-aging technology is present in all Romanov Cosmetics products, and top plastic surgeons in Europe are already recommending its use.


Romanov Cosmetics is now available in the United States. That is great news for you! You now have easy access to the best product to help maintain a youthful and radiant look and benefit from its significant and visible anti-aging effects.


These exciting and rejuvenating skincare products all contain Bulgarian Rose oil, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Gluthatione, the world’s most powerful ingredients to fight harmful free radicals, protecting the skin from UV rays and other environmental damage. Together with the vitamin infused formulas they plump collagen and provide dramatic lifting and visible anti-aging benefits, leaving your skin with a youthful, radiant glow.


Romanov Cosmetics products are conveniently packaged in German airless pump technology containers. The containers allow for ease-of-use and ensure that no air or outside bacteria will get in contact with the compound inside. The pump is also equipped with an “On” and “Off” safety switch. Rest assured that even if the box and the cap get misplaced, you can carry the container everywhere you go and never worry about spillage or stains in your purse or suitcase.


How to use: Apply daily by gently tapping the treated area. For best results use on completely cleansed skin before bed time.  All products must be used ONLY on well cleansed skin.



About Luben Romanov, Founder of Romanov Cosmetics

Luben Romanov was born and raised in Bulgaria, a country known for its extraordinary beauty, centuries old traditions in natural healing and the legendary Rose Valley, a home of the world famous and healthiest roses in the world. From a very early age, Luben was been exposed to the majestic healing powers of the Bulgarian Rose oil. His grandmother, despite being a medical doctor, treated Luben and her family with rose oil.


Having witnessed the almost miraculous health and beauty properties of the Bulgarian Rose oil, Luben began dreaming of creating his own, Bulgarian Rose oil-based skin care brand, which turned into his life-long passion.


In pursuit of his dreams, twenty years ago Luben moved to the United States. Despite his love for America, Luben never forgot his origins and what his family and native country gave to him in terms of values, national pride, and undying love for health and beauty. Luben continued working towards his goal and was fortunate to meet one of the most prominent European cosmetics laboratories that developed skin care products exclusively for plastic surgeons and for several space programs and their astronauts.  Luben was fascinated with the unique way the Laboratory combined avant-garde anti-aging technologies, such as diamonds and his native, Bulgarian Rose oil. As a result, Romanov Cosmetics was born.


Luben Romanov dedicates his success to his deceased parents and his wonderful daughter.



Our Mission

We believe that women of all ages deserve to look and feel beautiful throughout their lives. This belief inspired us to create a luxurious, hand crafted product which delivers unparalleled anti-aging benefits. We have teamed up with one of the most prominent European cosmetic laboratories to create a product that combines cutting edge science and proven centuries old skin treatment traditions.


The result:

A meticulously crafted product that embellishes your skin with the luminosity of a diamond and the sensual smoothness of a rose petal.


Our Purpose

To help women enhance and maintain lifelong beauty, one customer at a time.