The Miracoulous Healing Powers of the Bulgarian Rose oil

The Traditions of Beauty and Healing

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The first roses were brought to Thrace (present day Bulgaria) by returning soldiers of Alexander the Great thousands of years ago.
Over time, the rose oil of Bulgaria became the most acclaimed essential oil in the world, one that the world has never seen before.
Most importantly, for centuries the Bulgarian Rose oil was known for its beautifying and healing powers. Often times it has been regarded as “the liquid gold” and for a good reason. Trough the history, many European monarchs had borrowed the Bulgarian Rose oil and used it as a currency to satisfy their domestic and foreign debts. Besides that, The Bulgarian Rose oil has been esteemed from ancient times to the present days for its almost miraculous beautifying and healing properties. It has a magic effect on the human organism. Its beautifying and healing properties make it an indispensable elixir in cosmetics and perfumery. It is a well known fact that the French Perfume industry runs on the Bulgarian Rose oil.  Channel, Channel N5, Coco Channel, Bulgari, Kenzo, Ralph Lauren are just a few  brands that have used our Bulgarian Rose oil for years (since 1948 to be exact). One of the biggest benefits of the Bulgarian Rose oil is its energizing and tightening effect on the capillaries and facilitating a complete skin rejuvenation.


A few words about the author:

I was born and raised in Bulgaria, a country known for its extraordinary beauty and centuries old traditions in natural healing. Bulgaria is also home to the legendary Rose Valley, and the most healthiest roses in the world. When I was a little boy my grandmother, who was a medical doctor treated the whole family with Bulgarian rose oil. Having witnessed the almost miraculous health and beauty properties of the Bulgarian Rose oil, I began dreaming of creating my own, Bulgarian Rose oil-based skin care brand. This dream turned into a life-long passion. The rest, as they say is history- Romanov Cosmetics was born. Today, thousands of women are enjoying the unique benefits of the authentic Bulgarian Rose oil, present in all of our products. I hope you enjoyed this article and stay put for more.

Luben Romanov, Founder of Romanov Cosmetics

Authentic Bulgarian Rose oil and Diamonds

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